We firmly believe in the power of the arts to transform people of all ages, but especially children and young adults. Through our classes students learn to express what is deep inside that rarely has a chance to escape. We encourage all of our students to use their creative imaginations and expand their verbal communication skills in a safe and friendly environment. This encourages them to take chances in life that they might not otherwise take on their own. We all know that speaking and performing can be daunting challenges. We strive to assist the development of self-confidence that will bloom into self-esteem. Sending students into the world with high self–esteem gives them the best chance for pursuing life-long learning and positive relationships. ATP is a theatre program with its feet on the ground that helps students reach for the stars.

About Time Productions is a not for profit association created in 2005. Our purpose is to bring live theatre, performed by children to Camrose, Alberta. Our mission is to provide affordable, non exclusive, non competitive, high quality arts, educational instruction and performance while instilling an enduring appreciation for arts culture. Our vision is to grow in the number of students enrolled; enabling us to offer diverse, multi-level programming for all interested children in our community.

Who are We?

Our Very talented Instructors: Miranda Baker, Dan Shepherd Tova Olson, and Cathie Johnson



Body Works takes great pride in merging all types of dance styles for a creative and inspiring program while still focusing on proper technique. Our atmosphere is positive and inspiring, with a strong emphasis on celebrating the joy of dance and helping to aid our students to cultivate a love of dance, music and art that will last a lifetime! About Time Productions maintains a mandate to develop strong technical skills in a non-competitive environment, without compromising the natural joy of dance! Our instructors’ and students’ infectious love of dance is contagious so join the movement...delight in the dance!
“Everything we want to do, we will do...anything in my imagination, I get to try,” (Song and Dance 7-12)
“I love to dance…no I live to!” (Creative Movement 5-6)
“I can make my feet sound mad and happy” (Tap 3-5)
“I never knew I could move like this” (Teen Jazz)
“I like that there are no girls!” (Athletic Moves 6-12)
“She puts on her tutu and performs for her dolls” (mom of a pre-ballet 3-4)



Our theatre programming contains many new twists and turns. In order to reach new students and broaden our horizons we are offering courses and workshops that tantalize and tempt the hesitant, the extroverted, the talented and the brand new students! We have developed into a program that embraces the full theatre composition. Please allow us to explain... theatre classes teach more than rudimentary skills regarding acting, voice, body and stage work. The last three years have proven repeatedly that our students reap many difficult to describe benefits from our programming, but we will attempt to elaborate using their comments. Do you sense our dilemma? We create programs that address the fundamentals of acting techniques, improvisation, movement for theatre, and early theatre. Paired with these theatrical courses are the effects upon most students of increased self-confidence, self-efficacy, bravery, social skills and happiness. We never dreamed of the incredible potential inherent within these theatre classes and we are so happy to offer these experiances to more students! We have witnessed many students gain the confidence necessary to attempt things that may frighten them, therefore, we feel our program is successful in its mission of bringing theatre to young people...everything else that happens is magic!
“I can finally be who I really am and feel proud of that person,” (Improv 13-18)
“This is really hard and I love it,” (Junior Improv 9-12)
“I can't have this experience anywhere else and my soul needs this experience,” (Movement 13-18)
“This is more fun than gym class! We get to act too!” (Fun and Games 6-8)
“Do we get to do more acting today? That is the part I really love,” (Tumbleweeds 3-5)
“I am in my zone; it makes me feel like I have another family and friends who really care” (Improv Magic 13-18)
“This is the high point of my week, you guys don't know how much you mean to me,” (Spontaneous Sputterings 13-18)